• Clare Howe

Stitched up by Wix

Since starting Sugar Sugar Wax in 2012, I have increased my prices every 2 years, however, I've left it 3 years this time - despite Covid-19 costing me in oh so many ways, I thought, well everyone's got things going on - I'll leave it another year! And what a year it has been!?!

So after working out the new prices, what should have been a 10 minute job has turned into an epic fail as Wix has removed the really easy to use table functionality which worked perfectly well and was easily displayed on all devices - result now being a messy looking cheat until I learn how to do dynamic content management - what I have quickly learnt is that it won't be this week as Derbyshire schools have most of January off after Christmas!

This is not the first time Wix have tried to do me over - a few months back someone managed to book me online - something that I absolutely do not want - I'm all for a bit of automation but no bloody computer is controlling my diary! It doesn't know when I'm popping to the shops for bread or a coffee with a pal, it has no idea whether the sunshine will affect my plans or whether Covid, chickenpox, slapped cheek, foot-in-mouth or heaven knows what has thrown a spanner in the works and when it does - the last thing I want to be thinking about doing is pleading with a computer!

So hang fire - if it all looks a bit pants, I'm sorry! I challenge myself to be all over the dynamic content s**t by the end of the month, but if it hasn't happened, I plan to roll out the Covid card!

And in case you're confused by the picture - you have every reason to be! I thought I'd see what Wix has in it's gallery for 'stitched up', 'pulling out own hair', 'dynamic', 'dynamic pages', 'dynamic waxing' - and this just seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

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