My girlfriend has been giving me grief to get it done, she doesn't like hair there.  I was extremely anxious even about calling but you've put me at ease.

Dr. D

- Apr 2017

I've been having waxing for a great many years now, this is by far the least painful, I don't know whether it's the technique or the wax you use, maybe a combination of the two!

Mr. E

- Feb 2017

I've recommended you to my sister, I've told her how good you are!

Mrs J

- Jan 2017

It hurts maybe 10 times less than I've been used to!  ...  You did a fantastic job, my skin feels amazing.  I don't even have redness there!  Thank you.

Mr T

- Nov 2016

You're certainly very thorough!  ...  Thank you so much.  I get very anxious about having it done but you've really put my at ease.  I will be back.

Mr L

- Nov 2016

It's great to find someone that knows what they are doing and does it all

Mrs H

- Oct 2016

I don't know why I didn't get this done before now!

Miss S

- Sept 2016

I would just like to say thank you - it feels great! Best of all the material of my hi vis top's not pulling the hairs out of my back whilst I work

Mr L

- July 2016

Thanks for booking me in at short notice. That was one of the least painful waxes I've ever had - thank you

Mr M

- July 2016

That was really good and great to meet you.  I must admit I hadn't realised it was a home salon until I got here, but you're really professional and put me at ease.

Mr W

- May 2016

I think the wife will be pleased - it feels so different!

Mr H

- May 2016

I've wanted it done for a while but I've just been so busy, but then I came across you, and it's all been quite convenient.

Mr G

- May 2016

I've had waxing done all over the place, the last one was in China; that one really hurt, you just never know what you're going to get but I've really enjoyed coming here and despite how long the hair is, it wasn't really that painful.

Miss D

- May 2016

Absolutely brilliant, Clare is lovely to talk to and works swiftly. Discomfort is kept at a minimum and I'll definitely be back for more treatment x

Miss C

- May 2016

You really do put people at ease, I don't know what it is you do but it's not even painful either!

Mrs B

- May 2016

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