• Clare Adele Howe - Sugar Sugar Wax

Getting you ready for Christmas with our fabulous Advent Calendars

Wishing you a very good afternoon from Clare at Sugar Sugar Wax in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

Don't worry... No decorations up as yet but we are well into November which means you need to get hold of Advent calendars for your loved one's quick smart... I have a very limited stock of the fabulous advent calendars due to the works on the new waxing room coming in early 2018!

We also show several other items available to purchase whether you are in for a waxing or not, gifts start from as little as £1.50 making super stocking fillers to beautifully presented gift sets and of course the fat free advent calendars - how better to treat that special person this year!

12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar (12 presents), (triangle) only 5 left in stock... Just £15.00

Luxury Advent Calendar (24 presents), (Square) only 4 left in stock... £19.99

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