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Where did the summer go?

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking where the heck is the year going? Summer hardly got started and it's over already! I've just spent a few minutes planning my diary around Christmas lunches - got my pigs in blankets ordered for one and sea bass for another! Trying not to go too mad though, partly due to money but I've also just started a bit of a challenge! I've recently started running in an effort to improve my fitness as well as get into better shape. I have goals associated with improving my 5km time and stamina as well as getting into a size 12 by the 12th day of the 12th month - Will I do it?? - Damn right I will!! My other business, where I help people save money and earn money, has been key to me setting goals and helping me achieve what I set out to in the first place - which was to get my life back! I've just had the best summer ever, so much fun and laughter with great friends - a taster of how my life can be if I keep on task and achieve my goals!! So time to knuckle down, get some work done and up my game! Do get in touch if you want to know more or simply keep in touch via social media - I'm easy to find on the things that count!

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