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A bit about me!

At Sugar Sugar Wax, all waxing is done by me, Clare, in my home salon in Ibstock, Leicestershire in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

People come to me for a variety of reasons; those that want to look their best before a special night out or before jetting off on holiday; for hygiene and comfort reasons or to remain hair-free and confident in their appearance.

My clientèle is about 50:50 male and female which often surprises people, and yes - there are lot's of people having that done! So whether you are a waxing virgin or veteran, my clients say that I put them at ease even if they've been really nervous and many also tell me that it's a lot less painful than they were expecting or that they've been used to.

Another thing that my clients have said is that they generally go home hair free and care free! It's like a complimentary therapy session for some people who may just have had a bad day or appreciate a friendly face, or equally, someone they don't know so well to bounce ideas off. And obviously, I observe client confidentiality at all times - you can tell people what you've had done but it won't come from me!

I am often told that I must enjoy causing people pain, which is absolutely not the case - I'm a pleasure kind of girl, but enough about me! What I would say is this; the relationships with my clients is one of the best things about what I do - I see some month in, month out, I see them get married, have kids, move job, move house and so on. Others may be an annual event prior to their holiday and it always shocks me how fast the year has passed! And I am fortunate to receive a steady flow of new clients; I am grateful for each and every one and aim to make them feel as welcome as possible, which applies no matter what religion, race or gender. In fact, I am actively seeking pre and post op trans clients as I want people to know I am accepting of them and won't stand in judgement.

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