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A typical client!

It goes without saying that I treat all my clients with utmost confidentiality, so fear not, this blog is a bit of fun but will never be used to broadcast anyone's private information. I often get asked about my typical clients which always makes me smile. What's a typical client?! You lovely ladies out there only make up about half of my client base. Over the past 4 months I've only done 3 pairs of legs (of which 1 of those were gents) - my area of specality is of course intimate waxing and there are fewer salons offering providing such waxing, and some still use quite dated technologies in terms of wax. So the majority of ladies come to me for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, and age wise the majority are 25-45 years of age. As for our marvellous men, well just over half have everything off down below (the Hollywood) whereas mainly the rest are backs or chest but with the majority within a wider age from 20 to 50 years. I did expect to be inundated with cyclists, however, that has really not been the case although people working in hot climates do check in for regular waxing as well as others who have been advised to get a full wax before embarking on some high adrenalin extreme adventures! So both men and women have their intimate waxing done for similar reasons; the feel, the look, hygiene, for comfort, to surprise or please a partner and prior to marriage. Bizzarely, not many are too worried about pleasing the Gods these days which was the initial reason for waxing being developed back in Ancient Egypt. So, #WhyDoYouDoYours?

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