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So people are always telling me I should do a blog but it's never really been something that's appealed to me, not sure it does even now that I'm typing away but I'll have a little tinker and at the very least it should keep the search engines happy!

Almost the end of the month and what a month it's been! It's also the anniversary of the unofficial launch of Sugar Sugar Wax 3 years ago back in 2012 during which time I've gained well over 200 customers, of which it's pretty much a 50:50 split of men and women - I state that as pretty much everyone asks! I'm generally happy with how things are going but I've always done other work besides and the plan is to build this and my other fabulous business so that I can drop the job elsewhere, giving me a better work:life balance and enabling me to help other people either save money or earn money. This has been a passion of mine since early 2014 and it's really brought meaning and direction to my life. So here I am on a Friday night with a glass of wine and not to be disrespectful to any potential readers, but I really ought to be doing something far more important right now! But, if you are reading this, please let me know your thoughts and how/where you found it!

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